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This is a must have app

For anyone that is struggling to get a routine together and stick to it, this is the app for you. I know plenty of exercises but this app helped me vary my routine and keep track of my stats. Worth every penny!

Great app with a variety of workouts

Like the title says great app with a variety of workouts

It guides you

Its a pretty good app it guides and helps you to make a plan for your workouts just wish it had more workouts

One Thing Wrong

Please fix the issue with the my fitness position mover.


Good app for wide array of workouts


Ive been using it in one form or another for years. This new update has me a little concerned that ease of use. With the update, this is back to a great app. Still a little slow, so only four stars. I had to drop it back to 1 star because I cant create any new workouts, nor can I add exercises to existing workout. What gives?

Wasnt 100% sure at first...AWESOME!!

I didnt know what to expect to be honest. I played college basketball and I still work out 4-6 times a week having picked up a lot of different lifts & exercises along my way. This app refreshed my workouts with so many different lifts to choose from for each & every specific muscle group... LOVE IT!


Horrible app!! Complicated to use!!!


This app is very informative & provides a wise variety of exercises for all of the muscle groups, which is critical- especially when looking for muscle gains (or just simply changing up a routine). The built-in workout log is a useful tool & the preloaded workouts are great to give a sense of direction if youre a beginner. Short video clips on how to do the exercises are also very helpful. This app will not be a total waste of memory on your phone!

Better. And borderline unusable

Used this app for years. And while the new version is much neater than previous incarnations, crawls on my iPhone 6... Surely a two year old phone should be powerful to do what what app does?

Nice app

Very well app

Excellent app. - was

Use it everyday, good library of exercises and able to customize your own. Worth it. Update: appears to have gotten sluggish when scrolling through history.

Awesome is the word

Nothing beats it

Good app

I have been using this app for a few years now and it keeps getting better. I like how you can use the different workout programs and modify them. Or just track whatever workouts you want to create. Tracking each rep is great and the form pictures are helpful. The interface has definitely gotten clearer which is nice. Keep it up!

Fantastic App

Intuitive interface, clear illustrations, extremely comprehensive catalogue, and the ability to search by category - so you could easily target a specific muscle group without using equipment of any kind, if you wanted. No complaints.


This app was perfect before the 3.0 update. Now it is much slower and painful to use. On the measurements tracker I can no longer use decimal places. For example, I cant write 20.5, but must choose 20 or 21. When tracking gains in neck, arms and calves decimals are a must. Worst of all, it freezes when I try to loan my history. This is the whole point of the app - to keep track of my workout history!! Really upsetting.

Great fitness app!!

Easy to use, good categorization, most exercises covered, nice tutorials.

Love it!!

I was on a weekly routine before getting this app, but I would always feel like it was the same thing. Every single day I went to the gym. This app gave me an idea of certain programs I was comfortable with, as well as introducing me to new workouts I havent done before. I highly recommend this app!


I use it all the time as a part of my triathlon training!

Good app, but latest update is bad

Ive used this app for 4 years and have loved it. The latest update is super slow, though. Every button take 10 seconds to register. App freezes often. I have a new iPhone, so I dont think its the phone. Please fix this.

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