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Wydaje sie swietna

Na razie 5 gwiazdek, jak nie ma interesujacego nas cwiczenia mozemy je dodac wraz z zdjeciem, opisem.

Bardzo przydatna aplikacja

Bardzo fajna i przydatna aplikacja dla osób zainteresowanych poprawa swojej sylwetki. Mnóstwo propozycji ćwiczeń a do tego opisy + krótkie filmiki.

Pomocny w analizie postępów


Nie ma jak dobry Plan !!!

Aplikacja fajna :) Polecam.

Super pomocna aplikacja

Szybka prosta duzy wybór ćwiczeń polecam

Excellent app!!!

This app is excellent for beginners and advanced! If you are needing to tone, or lose the flab, this is a great helpful app. It had videos to show how to do the exercises. Try it, you’ll love it! :)

Great Fitness App

I love this app so far! It’s almost an all-in-one fitness app with videos and programs. You can even save your own videos in the app. I love the fact you can add in your own exercises into a library. That’s a huge plus. There are 2 things I wish you could do in the app: 1. Set up supersets by linking exercises together. This doesn’t seem possible right now. 2. Right now you can set up the exercises for 3 sets of 10 or whatever you want but it would be nice to be able to add in the ability to set it up to do 3 sets of 10, then 2 sets of 8, then 1 set of 6 all in one exercise instead of having to log it all separately. I don’t see any other issues at this time.


It’s good

Tienes que tenerla

Esta aplicación En un solo pago no tienes que pagar varias veces por la aplicación económica y tiene casi todos los ejercicios necesarios que puedes conocer

No tricks. Best Workout App

Listen, this is the app for all your workout needs. Keep track, schedule workouts for a month, customize your routines, suggested routines for your goals, email history of you want and much more!!! I’d give it 10 stars. Is found nothing like it. Thank you for an honest app!!! Plus no monthly fees!!!!

Used to be great

Bought the app years ago and have used it religiously since. However since the most recent update about a year ago, it’s a mess. Very slow, crashes constantly and can’t backup data (as it causes it to crash). It’s a real shame.

I still use it

Great app. Still use it to this day!!

Too slow

App runs very slow when inputting work out data. Practically locks up when retrieving workout logs. Disappointing to see this app regress.

It’s wonderful

As I read a lot of reviews, some seem to give it 2 or 3 stars. I’ve tried lots of “fitness” apps on the market and this one is by far one of the best. Dose it have some issues? Sure, but what app doesn’t? It’s not going be perfect every time. But, if your looking for a great way to build and update your weekly workout schedule this app is for you!

Trash App

Don’t buy this app. It’s old and the developer didn’t update anything concerning this app. I bought it and regret it immediately.


This app has helped me improve my workout routine giving me a better workout. I have lost a lot of weight because of it and improve my overall health. I hope in the future this app will add more exercises such as showing us full body workout and the use of small trampoline

This is the one

I normally try and use free apps for everything. Games, art, navigation, education & note taking. This app is the one you pay for. It does everything, everything from suggesting exercises, to showing you how to do the exercises. You can record your lifts, machine settings, weights. Custom exercises you read about on insta or random fb posts. (Not that you should). You can graph your progress, measurements, gains and etc. This is the gym app you pay for I’ve used it for years.

Used to be the best...

App constantly crashes, is slow, records information incorrectly, etc. It hasn’t been updated in a year, and THAT version was a complete rebuild that, in my opinion, still isn’t finished. I’ve been a user of this app for 7 years and I’m so disappointed in its current state.

Mediocre Workout Tracker-needs developer work

This used to be a “decent” app when it was released; but since then it has not been updated and has actually taken a step or three backward in progression. Doesn’t sync with health app, doesn’t offer support for Apple Watch, “scheduling” and organizing workouts is horribly flawed, and the exercise “form” displayed by the “example” trainer (for lack of a better word for the pictures of the exercises) are not as accurate as they could be (improper form). Please put some time/$$/thought into the app’s development.


Holy wow. What an app.

Awesome job

Its my favorite app for fitness i love it so cool just hope they have more exercises on some other new exercices need an update please thank you

Unable to add custom workouts

I was going to write to support, but after reading through all the reviews, I don't see any that have been answered. Not sure it's worth writing to them based on the responses. I worked for a while to create a custom workout but wasn't able too. The custom workout icon is too big and overlaps the save button so you can't select anything. I saw several reviews about and no responses. I don't recommend it.

Ok, but needs improvement

The app is a good start for seeking exercises that target specific muscles and is a good tool for tracking your history of workouts; however, there are a many exercises (deltoid fly, battle rope, bar row, seated sip, etc.) which are not in the library of exercises. Also, the app has not been updated in a long time and runs extremely slow :(

Great app

The app was great when I first got it over a year ago, but they continue to make good improvements. They obviously listen to the feedback from users. It is great for tracking my workouts and progress. The videos are great for learning new exercises, and the custom exercises feature that allows me to add exercises not listed is excellent. The one glitche I have found in the app is that the feature to create my own custom workouts doesn’t work. I highly recommend the app for anyone, beginner to advanced.

There are better apps than this. This is purely basic bs.

This is basic. Not the same as the demonstration that I seen that was digital graphic before I bought. Demonstration video of a workout 10+. Once I bought the app and seen a demo it’s 0-. Don’t buy it.

Great app but crashes

This app is very great and useful for learners or anyone. You can do basically anything fitness related from workouts to tracking calories. The only problem for me is that every time I try making an account it crashes.


App crashes when you try to log in


Cannot add any exercises to create a custom workout.

Great App

I love this app except for one thing. It does not tell you which muscles exactly you are working out. Like when you select back exercises, which back muscle?

Not worth it...

This app has great potential, but it’s pretty buggy, requires basically 100% manual input for everything and doesn’t have THAT many exercises so not nearly worth the price. Almost certainly another app out there that is like this for less or an app for the same price that is more interactive, has more exercises, etc (ie just better)!

Not the app you’re looking for...

Preloaded workouts are extremely lacking. No depth or longevity and definitely not for serious lifters. Also is there a database or forum for sharing workout codes? I’d like to see that. Not worth money, much more available for free somewhere else

Great, but buggy

I like this app a lot, but I have a few major gripes with it. Firstly, during a workout, it constantly gets confused which exercise I'm doing. Looking at the history, it always shows the history for the next exercise in the workout. Swiping back & forth & it will show the correct history. Same with viewing exercise statistics. Also, statistics starts off sorting exercise dates by the day of the month ONLY, so the trend line is way way out of wack. Changing the visible data points will sometimes get it to sort by month then day, but not always. The navigation is also pretty cumbersome. If you have to do an alternate exercise for whatever reason, theres no quick & easy way to do it - you have to navigate away from your workout & find the thing you want, then go back & resume your exercise. It has also been over a year since the developer has published an update. Might want to explore other options before spending money on an abandoned project.

Great App

I’ve been working out for years but this app gave me some great new exercises to try.

Best Workout App EVER.

The best app for working out. Honestly, I have always been wanting an app I could use that shows all of the exercises by body area. COMPLETELY WORTH THE $5. I’ve never written a review for an app. This is how impressed I am with the app.

Why on earth...

Are none of the caricatures on this app women or people of color?!?!? It’s 2018!!!!!! Good god!

Must have for any skill set

I’ve been using this app for years and it is by far the most comprehensive, easy to use, all-in-one FREE fitness app I’ve ever owned. Just starting out? - They’ve got suggested routines w/ video and written instructions. It also makes tracking your progress and logging sets simple! Want to expand your knowledge? - This app has every Exercise you can think of AND categorizes exercises by goal. With all that, I’m surprised this app is still free. 10/10

Please get the backup option working

This is a great app, but some of us really invest time in creating custom exercises and workouts and since the backup option stopped working we lose hours when transitioning to a new phone. If you can integrate this app with the Apple Watch and Health App I would pay 3 times the price again. Please keep improving the app!

No support whatsoever

Love the app, but it’s not perfect. The green checkmarks occasionally stop displaying as you are completing exercises in your workout. Other little issues here and there. The app is pretty bad on an iPad. Support requests receive no response whatsoever. Fine, but don’t have a support link, then. Still, the best workout app I’ve found. It has duplicates of the same exercises with different names. Clicking and dragging exercises to set up workouts is clunky. And something I realized the other day - there are no women in the exercise pictures! I guess only men work out. ;-)

Not great

Some serious UX issues in this application. The developer doesn’t cover enough of the machine types for workouts. Logging workouts should be easier, not require all sorts of navigation. There are also several bugs that occasionally crash the whole app

Crash consistently. Fail.

This app has not kept up w iOS updates. It is now completely reliably useless as it crashes every time I try to restore my saved workouts. FAIL. Too bad as I liked using the app.

Just bought app and keeps crashing

Crashes every time I try to make a account.


Although it’s cool format to make a workout for a certain day is great, I cannot do this by searching by muscle. I’m glad I can do legs, but I want to be able to search by just hamstrings so I can make a focused hamstring day easier! Not just body part, make it easier with the muscle option too.


Bur this app is not update for iPhone x

Exactly what I needed

I have a combination of things I do and wanted to create my own workout that included weights, bodyweights and progression movement. Initially I went with a different app but had to turn elsewhere as they didn't allow customized exercise. So this app is perfecto and I can't wait to use it! Also the fact that you can schedule a reoccurring workout is a wonderful bonus!


I have been using this App for two years now and it has been my loyal companion at the gym ever since. Recently, I purchased an Apple Watch and was surprised to find that this app still doesn’t support it. I will be looking elsewhere to transfer my workouts if this is not added... perhaps gymbook or fitlist. Please add functionality!!!

Hard to work!

It’s says I can create a workout Whoopi figures it would have the workout for me that’s why I need an app. So anyway every time I try to create it the app won’t let me select the workout no matter how many times I tap on the workout that I want it still dont add it there and when I tried to save it it says “you need to at workout”. I don’t get it it was a waste when there’s so many free apps.

Needs a lot of work

This is so outdated and I feel like the UI could be improved. It needs a better feel, the way you create a workout is awful, no search exercise, the exercise database is terrible. You all need to 1. Update your exercise database to include all exercises out there and their different variations 2. Improve the UI, make some things easier for the user to do. And maybe update the pictures on the exercises.

This App. Deserves 6 Stars!

I have been here from the beginning and will continue to use it almost everyday! You can't find a better fitness app.

Great app but needs to be updated

I have had this app for years and love how practical it is for me. It really needs to be updated for iPhone 8/X visually speaking, but the material is solid.

Terrible app!

I've had the app for 5 minutes and I already want a refund. The variety of exercises is terrible. Creating a workout is confusing. There are so many better options out there. I just wasted my money. I'll be looking for a refund!!

So Close

It is a good app of exercises. It still can’t be used to create workout plans Not able to save exercises to a new workout.

Organization Bug

When I try to reorganize my workouts, it doesn’t keep the order I choose. Any time I move any workout up or down in the list, it scatters the entire list and just randomizes it. This is incredibly annoying.

Great fitness tracking App

Love this app! I’ve been using it for nearly 4 years. I like being able to create custom exercises and the built in rest timer. I’ve never been able to get the calendar to work to see a history of my workouts. So if there’s any question which work out I’m supposed to do I have to check it within the workout itself. Other than that - strong app!

screen hasn’t been updated for iphoneX

pls update the screen size , also no major updates for a very long time

Can’t set up workouts

I see that others have complained about not being able to set up a workout. The very first time you try to set up a workout, it provides instructions. Pay attention because you will never see the instructions again. I must have missed something in the instructions because I can’t get it to work. Just like others, I’ve sent an email to support with no response.

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